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From time to time comments from audience and choir members have been massaged into an article about the last concert presentation - reportage, sometimes opinions, and additional context to the music that didn't make it into the Programme Notes. These reports are usually accompanied by pictures of the event as well as a rendering of the concert poster. A concluding section recaps all the reports from our archive.

A listing of past seasons' concerts with links to the appropriate programme documents and the applicable "Concert Report" gives further access to our archives. The choir's history of Facebook and Twitter is far less extensive, however both "feeds" are linked in this section

Two or three members have been singing with the choir from its founding in 1990 by Rita Radzikowski and as a result extensive "folk wisdom" remains available. Any questions about our history not contained within these pages? - use our contact form to submit an enquiry. We'll rush you an answer as quickly as possible!