The Board

The Officers & Board

The Greater Vancouver Vivaldi Chamber Choir Society is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership at an Annual General Meeting held this year on the 24th of October. The Directors and Officers serve for a single term which will expires at the conclusion of the next AGM.

The present Board is composed as follows:

  • Ron Hagerman - President
  • Joan Fitzpatrick - Past President
  • Conrad Krebs-Carstens - Secretary
  • Alan Ryder - Treasurer
  • Margaret Archibald
  • Samantha Merz
  • Eve Munns
  • Peter Munns
  • Kevin Hrankowski

Thanks to all those who continue as Directors & Officers; we extend a warm welcome to Ron who is taking the President's chair amd offer our fervent thanks to Joan for seven years of excellent service in that role. Joan is now honoured with the title "Past President" and we are delighted that Margaret Archibald, who enjoyed that position will remain on the Board as a "Member at Large." Thanks also to Ellen Fowler whose cogent contributions to our discussions will be missed. Artistic Director, Edette Gagné and Concert Producer, Mary Leigh-Warden, are ex officio non-voting members of the choir's Board of Directors.