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Lux Ęterna

So many thanks to pass on - to Bo Peng for incredible cello playing, to Matthew Leighton for the effortless treble, to David Millard, Conductor of the Vivaldi Chamber Choir who yet again put together a programme with a beautiful arc and drew from his musicians a truly noteworthy performance and to Mary Leigh Warden - youth choir wrangler!

Left to right: Zhuowei Zhang, Joshua Yang, Ivan Hsieh, Matthew Leighton (soloist) and Luke Gair (missing from picture: Scott Brooks and Ryan Nueva) Boys, left to right: Joshua Yang, Luke Gair, Scott Brooks (not seen in picture: Zhuowei Zhang, Ryan Nueva, Ivan Hsieh and Matthew Leighton, soloist)The Vivaldi Choir, Members of the BC Boys Choir and Matthew Leighton warm up with a run through of the Rutter Requiem

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