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Mary Leigh-Warden writes:

The evening was a resounding success. Singers were pleased, musicians were pleased, David was pleased and the audience was pleased. David planned a great program of beautiful music (some of the pieces were his own compositions - they're wonderful to sing - 'Salvator Mundi, Salva Nos', 'Kyrie Dominicale' and 'Salve Regina'). The audience clearly loved the concert - their vigorous applause encouraged the choir to repeat the final piece from the 'Gloria' (the uplifting 'Cum Sancto Spiritu').

So...a great time was had by all!!!

Joan Fitzpatrick commented:

The evening went very well indeed!

By all accounts, it was a great success! Everyone I spoke to very much liked the program with the more contemplative Millard and Tchaikovsky pieces interspersing the more familar and lively Vivaldi. Also, the string quartet and oboe and trumpet really rose to the occasion and provided a welcome contrast to the a capella singing. Our soloists were Mary Leigh-Warden (Domine Deus, Rex Coelestis), Susie Britnell and Bryony Hunter in a duet (Laudamus te), and "Guest Contralto" Patricia Christopherson (Domine Deus, Agnus Dei and Qui sedes ad dexteram Patris). The oboeist, Morgan Zentner, also did a short solo work which was much admired.

Many thanks to our accompanying musicians

- Alan Ryder, with files from Mary & Joan

Thanks to Nigel Fitzpatrick for these photographs:

Trumpet restThar he blowsAntiphonal Winds & Others receive applause
Trumpet at the ready!Trumpet & oboe flourishesDavid Millard congratulates Al Cannon as
the audience applauds

Vivaldi WomenVivaldi Men - just over thereAltos in the choirAltos in the kitchen
The Vivaldi Sopranos & AltosThe Tenors & Basses in the middle groundTwo Altos enjoying their line
in the "Quoniam"
Now helping the line at the
"after" goodie counter

Nigel also shot a couple of movie clips (with sound) - if you have a fast connection they are available raw and unedited at the links below:

Susie & Bryony's duet Laudamus te - excerpt
Full choir & orchestra Cum Sancto Spiritu - excerpt
Note: Each clip is approximately 5 megabytes

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