David Millard was born in Vancouver in 1959. A mild childhood interest in classical music became an obsession when, at the age of thirteen (in Helsinki-but that's another story), he watched a televised Bach organ recital. Upon his return to Canada he sought out recordings of Bach, but studiously avoided the family piano until one day he heard his brother fooling around at the keyboard and sibling rivalry kicked in. He found that he had a talent for improvisation, and formal piano lessons soon followed. An impromptu visit to a church near his piano teacher's house resulted in meeting William Bourns, who became his first organ teacher, and who guided him to two silver medals in Toronto Conservatory organ exams. A rash offer of serving as assistant organist at St. Catherine's Church in North Vancouver sealed his fate; a Church musician was born.

David proceeded from there to the University of Victoria to study music history, organ and harpsichord. While at UVic, David took an introductory course in Linguistics which led him (after a brief excursus in Anthropology) to an MA in that discipline. He combined the two interests with research into historical and regional pronunciations of Latin in music performance (fifteen years before the subject became fashionable in the Early Music world). After his return to North Vancouver, David took up organist posts at St. Clement's, St. John's, and Holy Trinity Cathedral. He is now Director of Music at St. Martin's Anglican Church in North Vancouver-the very church where he met his first organ teacher.

In 1989, he heard that a new choir was looking for singers, and told a friend about it. A month later, the friend talked David into joining the choir-the Vivaldi Chamber Choir-then under the direction of Rita Radzikowski. Ten years later, when Rita retired, David took over as Artistic Director. He also directs the Vancouver Jewish Folk Choir, and periodically serves as musical director for the North Shore Light Opera Society.