Music Library

Music Library

Over the 25 years or more of its existence the Vivaldi Chamber Choir has accumulated a large music library of published editions. We are happy to lend items from this library to other members of the choral community as a way of stretching our (and your) slender resources.

Rental Policies

  • Rental Pricing
    • Up to 5 printed sides of music (does not include title pages or covers) - $1 per copy
    • 6 to 11 printed sides of music (per above) - $2 per copy
    • Choral scores with 12 or more printed sides of music are subject to a quote
    • Trades and/or "future considerations" might be entertained depending upon the work(s) requested; inquiries below

  • Shipping
    • Unless otherwise requested scores will be sent via regular mail
    • Postage and packing will be charged at cost
    • Keep the carton & other materials for repack & return, postage paid, after your concert

  • Mark ups
    • Rehearsal mark ups should be made only in pencil
    • Such mark ups must be carefully and cleanly erased before return

  • Payment
    • Payment of rental, shipping charges must be made in advance of dispatch together with a flat rate deposit of $30
    • A choir or personal cheque will be happily accepted or payment can be made via PayPal

  • Return of deposit
    • Upon safe receipt of the number of scores shipped, undamaged, the deposit of $30 will be returned immediately
    • Should copies be returned short or damaged we will endeavour to replace them at current retail prices and that cost will be recovered from the deposit
If your choir is a member of the B.C. Choral Federation, as are we, you may like to investigate their Virtual Library program. You may view many more titles available for borrowing at in the Member Resources section.

How to Order

Send an email to our Librarian - - including the following information:

  1. The Composer/Arranger and Title exactly as it appears our listing
  2. The number of copies needed
  3. Address to which the scores should be shipped
  4. A second email and mailing address (for follow-up & deposit return)
  5. The date of your performance

Library Listings

Click here to view our Music Library Listings. The list can be sorted on information in the various columns by clicking on the desired heading. Alternatively you can use your browser's search function (e.g. Ctrl-F in Firefox) to find (or not) any term that comes to mind!