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Choir History  Overview of the Vivaldi Chamber Choirs history from foundation to the present

Membership  How to join; costs and obligations of membership

Current Season  Description of, & buy tickets to, concerts offered during this Choir Year (July 1 to June 30)

Outreach  Where we've been in the past, current community outreach & concerts outside Vancouver

Choir Workshops  Notices of public workshops sponsored by the choir

News for Members  Login required


About Us  Legal, tax status & governance

Contact Us  How to get in touch with the choir's officers, webmaster etc and a comment/information request form

Choir Calendar   In development

Gallery   In development

Sound Clips   In development


The Vivaldi Chamber Choir's new CD Swete Was The Song - linked from the "Home Page" and "Current Season"

Current Concert Report - linked from "Current Season"

Archived Concert Reports linked from Current Concert Report

Each of these report pages carry links to a "screen facsimile" of the Programme distributed at the concert

Profiles of David Millard, Earle Peach, Peter Dent, & Rita Radzikowski - linked from "Choir History"