Spanish & Catalan Pronunciation

Saturday, April 22nd at St Martins Anglican Church, North Vancouver 12:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m.

Workshop Leader David Millard, assisted by Yetvart Hosepyan

An almost full turn-out of choir members benefited greatly from the careful coaching provided by David and Yetvart. Not only were those present introduced to medieval Catalan and Spanish pronunciation and linguistic quirks, but there was also an opportunity to brush up on the appropriately voiced vowels in Latin. Several pieces for the upcoming "Siglo d'Oro" were drilled rythmically, with special emphasis on vowel length and stress.

The choir was also pleased to welcome three non-member guests who were eager to participate in the proceedings to one extent or another. The presence of the Vivaldi accompanist, Barry Yamanouchi, and the Choir Room piano allowed the choir to get into some note-bashing on Guerrero and some of the pieces from "Cancionero de Uppsala" and from the collection "Cancionero de la Palacio" that will be performed in the concert.

Viva Vivaldi! A short day of Choir building and Musical insight  "For Antonio, music & pleasure were never separate"

Saturday May 13th at Mount Seymour United Church, North Vancouver 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM §

Responding to repeated entreaties from the membership, Tom Graff and the workshop organizing team, lead by Yetvart Hosepyan, with the accompaniment of Barry Yamanouchi on keyboard, have compiled and packaged a pleasant day of special musical hijinks each of which boasts a high signal to noise ratio.

Tom Graff, our intrepid presenter began his life in music with a $25 metal clarinet and continued with a musically broadening range of experiences. For instance, his pursuit of choirs and choral activity lead him to Italy, UK, Japan, and Germany, and other hotbeds of vocal expression. Along the way he was involved in performances with such immortals as Igor Stravinsky, Luigi Nono, Vera Lynn, and k.d.lang.

There will be prizes for one and all, from glass art to CDs and even Venetian Dental Floss, imported especially for this occasion.

This workshop will be most beneficial when singers experience viscerally and musically the points of interest. Note taking will be discouraged. Handouts will be provided for specific topics.

Throughout the workshop there will be easy-to-sing pieces that are reflective each of the topics. A wide variety of music will be used.

A workshop fee of $25.00 will be payable by all attendees. Fees are payable on the day, and cover all materials AND lunch!

§ The address of Mount Seymour United Church is 1200 Parkgate Avenue. For a map showing the route from the Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Bridge click here

A Look Back - Thanks and Acknowledgements

Tom kept to his announced program with the help of his 2 Insistants, as he called them. Rosie Cooper and Linda Naiman insisted that he stick to his schedule and ensured that stuff was where & when stuff was supposed to be. Members of the choir were happy to benefit from these quiet and efficient logisticians. They even constituted an applauding audience to some of the sight reading sessions. We thank them very much for their hard work.

Linda also took pictures; thanks to that, this page now has a picture banner instead of the "big black logo." More of Linda's lenswork at the workshop can be seen on our Gallery page.

Random recollections:

Practice works: Follow up links from Tom Graff: Gifts were provided for workshop attendees by Robert Held Art Glass, Sikora's Classical Records and Oral B; their generosity is much appreciated.

A great afternoon of piano support from Barry Y - Applause!!

Final word goes to Tom Graff - "I enjoyed [Saturday] immensely.... The choir gave me so much positive energy! I loved it."

Thank you Tom!!