What We Sing

What we sing

The choir performs music from all musical periods ranging from the medieval to the modern era, and in many different languages, such as English, Latin, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Czech, Persian, Armenian, Church Slavonic, and Canadian native languages. In keeping with the multicultural nature of the Greater Vancouver area, a number of concerts have been presented for special ethnic audiences. In recent years these have included: Persian music for the Roudaki Cultural Foundation at the Vancouver Museum Auditorium, ancient Armenian church music for the Armenian community at Holy Rosary Cathedral, Tchaikovsky's "Cherubic Hymns" in Church Slavonic for the Russian community at the Russian Hall in Vancouver, and excerpts from Gilbert & Sullivan's operettas for the British community at churches in Vancouver and North Vancouver. Our last concert of the 2004 season was a joint concert of Armenian music with the Luys Quintet from Armenia at the Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church. Many of the choir's concerts have featured works by Canadian contemporary composers, and the group particularly enjoys presenting works by three former or current members of our choir, Peter Dent, Earle Peach, and David Millard.